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“I am one of Sen Ze’s students in creating business and career breakthroughs. Following his magical strategies, I created 2 different websites to sell different products ranging from a few dollars, to thousands of dollars and more - completely online.


"In doing so, I managed to earn almost a million dollars in extra income in a couple of years that I can honestly say I wouldn’t be able to earn otherwise - and that too on a part-time basis!


"Sen Ze belongs to a rare breed of individuals who have mastered multiple unrelated disciplines. His experiences and successes in those multiple disciplines that few others have give his students and clients a huge advantage as they will get to see and learn things from many different perspectives to create a better strategy for their respective breakthroughs.


"If you get a chance to learn from him, do it! I can GUARANTEE that you’ll learn things you’ve never heard of before, no matter how experienced you may be!”

- Samuel Sham

Co-Founder and CFO

BeepBeep Nation LLC


“I was Sen Ze’s client back in 1998. He created my website that sold my consulting services and devised a potent strategy to get me noticed by my prospects.


"Within WEEKS of launching my site, I was contacted by LEGO International to be one of their 8 International Creativity Advisors on its LEGO Global Panel. I was the only expert in this panel from Asia, with the rest being professors and other experts from Europe and the US.


"LEGO would fly me to Denmark on first class air tickets and put me up in the finest hotels there, 3 times a year. This recognition from a multi-billion-dollar company increased my worth as a creativity expert in ways that money can’t buy.


“I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that anyone looking for a breakthrough in their businesses and careers to learn from Sen Ze. He uses some of the most ingenious and little-known strategies to succeed in those areas that anybody can apply, immediately.”

- Dr.YKK (Yew Kam Keong PhD)

Chief Mind Unzipper

International Expert on Creativity


“I know Sen Ze as Malaysia's first Internet Marketer, a prolific writer of multiple best-selling books on Internet Marketing and Entrepreneurship, and a serial Entrepreneur of both Internet and non-Internet businesses - in addition to being a lawyer and partner of a law firm currently!


“He has the remarkable ability to spot business trends way before they happen and in the process, capitalise on them well, like Facebook's massive growth starting in 2009. I was one of his students then, and because of that one Masterclass I took, I managed to grow my business from a one man show to one of the best full-fledged digital agencies in Malaysia, with many staff today!


“I’ve since worked closely with Sen Ze on few projects and found him to be a very informed and a deeply focused person, which to me are important pre-requisites for any business to be successful.


“If you want to be successful in life and achieve the breakthroughs you seek, I can do no better than to HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you go and learn from him as soon as you have the opportunity to do so.”

- Charles Wong

CEO of Digital Marketing Agency


“I have known Sen Ze for over two decades now. When I first started my Feng Shui consulting practice, I looked at ways to promote my services. Like most people, I tried many conventional marketing methods. However, when Sen Ze showed me how to market my services using the Internet with various methods suitable for that medium, my business improved significantly!


“It’s a classic example of how I leveraged the power of the Internet to build my ‘brick and mortar’ business. And as an additional benefit, I have many foreign clients in addition to local ones, which is awesome.


“Sen Ze uses a mix of Internet and non-Internet strategies to create breakthroughs for himself and his clients. I would highly recommend that you learn how he does it, because you won’t learn those methods anywhere else!”

- Henry Fong

Feng Shui Consultant